Can A Grandparent Get Custody Of Their Grandkids?

It can be tough for grandparents to see their grandkids living in an environment that is not good for them. You may not be aware that you do have rights as the grandparent, and it is possible to get custody of grandkids when the parents are not doing their job. Here is what you need to know about it. Start By Hiring a Lawyer The legal process of taking custody will be tough, so it helps to work with a lawyer who can assist with it.

Essential Tips To Stop Teens From Driving Drunk

Many parents and teens walk in the offices of DUI attorneys each year in the United States. No parent or teenager ever imagines that they will end up faced with possible manslaughter or vehicular homicide charges because of having one too many drinks and getting behind the wheel of a car, but that is a very real possibility if someone dies in an accident caused by a drunk driver.  This sobering fact should be enough to keep a teen from driving drunk, but many young people dismiss reason and think it won't happen to them.

6 Things You Need to Know about Wage Garnishment in California

In California, the law allows for both the state and federal government to garnish your wages to some extent. If you are facing wage garnishment in California, you need to be aware of the laws. This information will help you make better decisions as you consider the future. 1. The law does not allow garnishments to take up more than 25 percent of your disposal income, generally. Those who are allowed to ask for a garnishment of your wages do include judgment creditors, including department stores and credit card companies that have sued you in court.

Analyzing The MMO Industry For IP Potential

Gaming has become much more accessible to the world, both in terms of players getting the games they want and new developers being able to develop great games with smaller budgets. Online gaming--specifically, Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games--go a step further from selling game copies and can deliver revenue based on months subscriptions, extra purchases for in-game items with real money, and expansion to the game that add more content to the existing adventure.

Two Reasons To Sign A Prenuptial Agreement Before Your Marriage

While you are planning your wedding, this is the perfect time to start thinking about the advantages of a prenuptial agreement for both you and your spouse. While you may be convinced that you don't need a document like this for your wedding, you may be surprised at some of the lesser-understood benefits of this type of agreement. Here are a few things that a prenuptial agreement can help with.

3 Reasons To Host A Family Meeting When Writing Your Will

Writing your will can be tough. It can be tough to think about how you will distribute the things that are most important to you among the people who you love the most. Plus, thinking about passing away just isn't too pleasant at any age. However, as you probably already know, will planning is essential for adults who want to be prepared for anything that might happen. It might seem as simple as writing up your own DIY will or meeting with an attorney, but the truth is, it's sometimes a good idea to host a family meeting with the people who will be named in your will first.

Should You Fight A Red Light Camera Ticket?

Technology has allowed communities to more completely monitor your driving behavior, something that is not always in your best interest. Red light cameras are a good example of these advances. You may get the mail one day and find a ticket for running a red light, one you were totally unaware of. You may even doubt it's legitimate. What should you do? Fines The fine for such a ticket varies depending on the state.

Is A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filing The Best Option For You?

After making the decision to file for bankruptcy, you have to decide whether filing Chapter 7 or 13 is best for you. Chapter 7 might seem like the best option because you are not tasked with paying back your debts, but in some instances, filing for a Chapter 13 is the best option. If you are unsure whether or not filing for Chapter 13 is best, here are some scenarios in which you should consider it.

About Getting An SSDI Benefits Denial Reconsidered With A Lawyer's Help

Are you shocked because you applied for social security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits and weren't approved? If you feel as though the denial was unfair, it is important for you to hire a lawyer before 60 days has passed so your case can be reconsidered. You are not mandated to hire a lawyer, but you might have a better outcome if you do. In this article, you will gain more insight on what a lawyer can do to get the denial for SSDI benefits overturned by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Looking to Get Divorced but Need to Do It on a Budget? What to Know About Mediation and Bankruptcy

If you're looking to get divorced but aren't sure how you and your spouse could possibly afford to, since money is already tight, there are some ways you can still make it happen. It may take the both of you swallowing your pride, and you'll have to work together, but you can save thousands if you try to do mediation instead of dragging the case out in court. Benefits of Mediation

Where You Accused And Questioned For A Crime In Your Neighborhood Because You're Black? Hire A Lawyer Fast

If you live in a subdivision where you are the only family of African American descent or a non-Caucasian race, and you have been questioned as a suspect for a local crime that occurred in the neighborhood, you want to call a civil rights attorney right away. If there are no reasons why you should have been targeted as the main suspect of the crime or why you would be involved and you feel your race made you a target, you deserve legal help.

Divorce, Community Property, And The Marital Estate

If you live in one of the 9 states that use a community approach to the division of assets and debts in divorce, then the way the courts deal with divorce issues differs quite a bit from the way those issues are handled in the other states, which are known as equitable distribution states. For a quick and easy to use guide on how property and debt is treated in community property states, read on.

Choosing A Criminal Defense Attorney For A Minor Charged With An Alcohol-Related Offense

If your son or daughter has recently been ticketed or arrested as the result of consuming alcohol as a person under the age of 21, it is crucial to supply them with an experienced criminal defense lawyer to fight the charge as soon as possible. It is important to note that there is the possibility that your child could permanently lose their driving privileges, be subjected to the costs and indignities of probation or both as the result of the event.

3 Tips To Help You Stay On Top Of Your Workers Compensation Claim

When you get injured on the job or you believe an injury was work related, it is important to talk with a workmans compensation lawyer in your area and file a claim immediately. Certain states have a time frame in which you need to file the claim in order for it to be valid. Once you file a claim, this does not mean that this is all that you need to do.

Avoiding Slip And Fall Injuries Around Swimming Pools

Drowning may be the leading swimming pool injury, but it isn't the only one. Due to the slipperiness of poolside surfaces, slip and fall accidents are also common in these places. These may lead to injuries such as fractures and traumatic brain injuries. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every stakeholder to avoid slip and fall accidents around swimming pools. Here are some of the measures that can help: Wear Proper Foot Gear

Debunking 2 Prevalent Car Accident Myths

Getting into a car crash can be a devastating ordeal. Many drivers who have suffered this misfortune often share their stories, sometimes spreading some half-truths or misconceptions about how to handle the process and recover financially. Here is a look at two prevalent myths about car accidents to help better your chances of filing an accident claim. It is not necessary to see a doctor Many drivers think that they don't need to get medical attention after a car crash if they suffer no serious injuries.

Divorce Planning And You

If you are getting ready for a divorce or are just considering your options, then you want to have all the facts before you proceed. Divorces don't always end up the way that you expect, so it's important to plan for all possible contingencies. Here are some ways in which your divorce might unexpectedly affect you: Your Will and Estate One of your first concerns should be revising your will. After the divorce begins, you want to make sure that all of your affairs are in order in the unfortunate event that something were to happen to you.

Recovering From Bankruptcy: Five Tips For A Fresh Start

If you are so mired in debt that you fear you'll never catch up with your bills, bankruptcy could be the right move for you. This is a tough decision; you want to make a fresh start, but are worried about your financial future. There is a perception that bankruptcy destroys your ability to get credit for many years, but that is not always an accurate assessment of life after filing.

3 Tips To Ensure Your Bail Bond Transaction In Michigan Is Above Board

If you need to obtain a bail bond, make sure you are working with a respectable bail bond company. Here are three tips that will help ensure your bail bond transaction is above board. Make Sure They Are Licensed The first thing you should ask to see when working with a bail bond agency is their license. They should have a license that identifies the particular agent you are working with as well as their business.