About Getting An SSDI Benefits Denial Reconsidered With A Lawyer's Help

Are you shocked because you applied for social security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits and weren't approved? If you feel as though the denial was unfair, it is important for you to hire a lawyer before 60 days has passed so your case can be reconsidered. You are not mandated to hire a lawyer, but you might have a better outcome if you do. In this article, you will gain more insight on what a lawyer can do to get the denial for SSDI benefits overturned by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Learn About Your Medical Condition

You must tell the lawyer what kind of medical condition you have and why you are unable to work. He or she will likely ask questions about the condition to make sure you are actually qualified for SSDI benefits. It is important to understand that not all medical conditions make someone qualified for SSDI benefits. For example, one person suffering high blood pressure might qualify for the benefits, while someone else with the condition does not. It all depends on the root cause and severity of the condition.

Determine the Job Outlook for Your Medical Condition

Your lawyer will make sure that evidence can be provided that proves you are unable to safely work with your medical condition. It is common for lawyers to seek advice from vocational experts when trying to determine the job outlook for disability benefits clients. The lawyer will basically explain your condition and job skills to the vocational expert to find out if there is the possibility of you working with your condition. The lawyer might also speak to a few physicians to get their advice on the safety of you getting a job.

Go Over the Evidence That Was Given to the SSA

Expect your lawyer to ask about the evidence that was given to the SSA with your initial application for SDI benefits.  He or she will use the evidence to figure out why it wasn't enough for the benefits to be approved. It is possible that you simply didn't provide enough details about your condition, so the lawyer will gather additional evidence on your behalf.

Turn in Your Paperwork for Reconsideration

After the lawyer has determined that you have a strong enough case to make reconsideration successful, he or she will file your documents with the SSA. If SSDI benefits are turned down again, the lawyer will continue assisting until satisfactory results are achieved. Contact a lawyer, like Cook, Glen, about your need for SSDI benefits so he or she can help as soon as possible.