DUI Defenses: Facts And Fiction

Being charged under any DUI law can be a scary proposition. People often want to feel like they have some power over the situation, and that has led to the propagation of plenty of myths that every DUI attorney has heard. Take a look at what's true and what's false in regard to DUI cases. DUI Checkpoints Are Illegal: False While some people may dislike DUI checkpoints, no DUI defense attorney is going to march straight into a courtroom and demand a defendant be freed based on this argument.

What to Know as You Face Your First Criminal Charge

Once you have gone through the criminal law process, you will likely know what to expect if you ever end up in the same position in the future, but if you are just now facing your first charge, you might be wondering what to expect. If you are in this position, here are the basic steps you should expect during your criminal case. The arraignment hearing After you are arrested, you can get out of jail by paying bail, or you can stay in jail if you have no way to bail yourself out.

Important Assets To Disclose To Your Divorce Lawyer If You Are Wealthy And Going Through A Divorce

Going through a divorce is never an easy thing. However, if you are a wealthy individual, there can be a few extra concerns when it comes to losing your money or your assets. It is important to be upfront with your divorce lawyer about what you own. Here is a look at some of the things to make sure you disclose to your lawyer.  Let the attorney know about any real estate you own.

Tips For Obtaining The Work Visa That You Need

If you have recently found out that you need to go to another country for employment, you will need to apply for one of the work visas from that country. If this is not something that you have had to do in the past, you might not know what all is involved in getting the visa you need to work in another country. This is why you will want to spend a little time reviewing the following tips.

Disagree With The IRS? 2 Things You Can Do To Resolve A Dispute

Paying taxes is an important responsibility that each citizen and business must bear. The government taxes your annual income, and regular audits are performed to ensure that people are being honest on their tax returns. It is possible that the IRS could disagree with the information that you have provided on your tax return, even if all information is correct. Disputes with the IRS should be handled properly to give you the best chance of convincing the IRS that you do not owe additional money in back taxes.

Getting Legal Help When You Are Trying To Change Your Custody Arrangement

When you set a custody arrangement at the beginning of your divorce, this may not work for everyone until your children are adults. While you can't change a custody arrangement simply because you don't like it, there are times when a material change of circumstances exists that is enough to get a custody order changed. In addition, the preferences of your children will begin to have an impact if they are unhappy with the current custody arrangement.

Personal Injury Attorneys: The Importance Of Medical Documentation

If you have been injured by another individual or due to the neglect of a company or business, you may need a personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve for the pain you have endured. Once you have figured out which attorney you would like to represent you, it will be time to begin building your case. A crucial factor of any personal injury case is medical documentation.

Hiring Teenagers And The Undocumented: Why You Have To Be So Careful

There are two cross-sections of the population that you have to be particularly careful about hiring. These two groups have very special laws attached to them in regards to employment. If you do not pay attention to these laws, you could be heavily fined or sued. Here is why you have to be so careful when hiring a teenager or a migrant worker who is undocumented.  Age Limitations on Teens

Divorcing? Critical Errors You Should Strive To Avoid

Most couples arrive at the decision to divorce only after months or even years of unhappiness and turmoil. For many of these couples, the process of the divorce will offer a turning point and a chance to begin rebuilding their lives.  For others, the legal process itself can become just as stressful as the period leading up to their decision to divorce. This is especially true when one or both of the spouses make critical errors during the divorce process that can affect both the divorce and their opportunity for happiness long after the legalities are completed.

Personal Injury Information You Should Review

If you have had an accident, then you may want to hire a personal injury attorney. The types of cases that this type of lawyer can help you with include, but are not limited to, slip and falls, car accidents, dog bites, work-related accidents, and much more. One way to think of it is if your accident can be attributed to any kind of neglect or carelessness of another person, then you may have a case.

3 Things A Truck Accident Lawyer Will Probably Tell You At A Free Consultation

If you have been in a trucking accident and have scheduled a free consultation with an attorney, you could be wondering what to expect at the free consultation. Generally, you can expect for the lawyer to tell you these three things -- and more -- when you go to the consultation. 1. Information About His or Her Fee The good news is that you don't usually have to bring any money when you head to a free consultation.