Getting Legal Help When You Are Trying To Change Your Custody Arrangement

When you set a custody arrangement at the beginning of your divorce, this may not work for everyone until your children are adults. While you can't change a custody arrangement simply because you don't like it, there are times when a material change of circumstances exists that is enough to get a custody order changed. In addition, the preferences of your children will begin to have an impact if they are unhappy with the current custody arrangement. As your children become teenagers, what they want as far as a custody arrangement can make it possible to change the order. If you need to have a custody order changed, getting legal help is the best way to get this done.

If You Need to Move For a Job

There are times when a job opportunity can make it possible for you to change a custody agreement. If you are offered a significant opportunity in another location and you are the primary custodian of your children, you may be able to change the order so that you can move far away. This can be a difficult subject between you and the other parent of the children, and the opportunity should be an amazing one to consider removing children from the custody of a loving parent.

When You Are Worried About Your Children

If your children come home after time spent with the other parent and they share information that is concerning, it can help you to talk through the concerns with an attorney. If your children are talking about illicit drug use, mention abuse in the home, or are scared to be with the other parent, you may need to try and get full custody until the situation is figured out. You always have the ability to contact child protective services and report your concerns.

If Teenagers Want a Change in Visitation

As children get older, their wishes are taken more seriously by the court system. When you have a teenager that is adamant they don't want to visit their other parent, this is a valid reason to get legal help to try and change the custody arrangement. While you can try to discuss the issue with the other parent, a legal change may be necessary.

When you are concerned about your children and are looking to change the current custody arrangement, it's time to talk to a family law attorney to see what can be done. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Souders Law Group.