Avoiding Slip And Fall Injuries Around Swimming Pools

Drowning may be the leading swimming pool injury, but it isn't the only one. Due to the slipperiness of poolside surfaces, slip and fall accidents are also common in these places. These may lead to injuries such as fractures and traumatic brain injuries. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every stakeholder to avoid slip and fall accidents around swimming pools. Here are some of the measures that can help:

Wear Proper Foot Gear

Even if you enjoy swimming barefoot, you should wear appropriate foot gear when walking around a pool. Slip and fall accidents around the pool are common because these areas get wet due to splashes of water. Your water sandals should fit you properly and have good traction; treaded rubber bottoms are especially suitable for walking around the pool.

Slow Down On Slippery Surfaces

It might be fun to engage in horseplay around the pool, but it isn't safe. Poolside pavements tend to be slippery, so you should avoid running or walking too fast on them. If you are a parent, make sure your children observe a no-running policy when in these areas.

Clear the Paths

It's not just the water that can lead to slip and fall accidents; you should also watch out for tripping hazards that might block the pathways around the pool. Such tripping hazards may include things like discarded toys (such as water guns) and fallen chairs. While it may be the duty of the pool manager to see that such obstacles are removed, everybody can contribute to pool safety by ensuring they aren't there in the first place.

Use the Handrails

It is the duty of a pool owner to provide adequate handrails for safe maneuvering in the pool, but it is the duty of all pool users to use the handrails. Navigating a ramp or staircase without a handrail is dangerous and increases your risk of falling. Handrails should be properly maintained and strong enough to support the weights of different pool users.

Avoid Alcohol Use

Lastly, you shouldn't get tipsy around the pool since that also increases your risk of falling. As you know, alcohol impairs both judgment and balance. You don't have to be too drunk to slip and fall around a pool. Even moderate alcohol intake may give you a false sense of confidence that may make you attempt things you wouldn't ordinarily do.

Both pool managers and users have the responsibility of maintaining a safe swimming pool. Therefore, you are entitled to compensation if the pool manager's negligence leads to your injuries. If you are injured, start your claim journey by consulting an injury lawyer like Swartz & Swartz P.C. to go over the details of your injury and help you determine if you have a strong claim