3 Tips To Ensure Your Bail Bond Transaction In Michigan Is Above Board

If you need to obtain a bail bond, make sure you are working with a respectable bail bond company. Here are three tips that will help ensure your bail bond transaction is above board.

Make Sure They Are Licensed

The first thing you should ask to see when working with a bail bond agency is their license. They should have a license that identifies the particular agent you are working with as well as their business. The license should be issued by the state of Michigan, and should include an expiration date on it. Ask to see their personal identification card or general business operating license and make sure that the information lines up with their bail bond license. 

You should not work with an unlicensed bail bond agent. If a bail bond agent is unlicensed, then they are not obligated to follow the rules of your state that govern the bail bond market and make it safe for both consumers and business owners.

Pay Attention To The Rates

In the state of Michigan, the interest on a bail bond cannot exceed 10%. If the first bail bond company you call offers you a bail bond at 10%, call around and see if any bail bond company in your area offers lower interest rates. 10% is the maximum that they can charge you; some companies may choose to charge you a lower percentage. 

If a bail bond company tries to charge you more than 10%, that is a pretty big red flag because they are operating outside of the rules of the law. 

Read All Your Documents

Make sure that you read all the documents that the bail bond company provides you with. Be sure that the interest rates are accurate. If there are any additional charges, make sure that they are itemized and that you are provided with an adequate explanation for each additional charge. 

Go over all the terms of your agreement and be sure that you understand what your obligations are. Ask any questions you have about the process and agreement before you sign the contract. 

Make sure that you obtain a signed copy of the contract. Additionally, get a receipt for any money you pay up front.  

If you find yourself in a position where you need to use a bail bond company, make sure they are licensed, charge legal rates, and provide you with full documentation. 

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