Where You Accused And Questioned For A Crime In Your Neighborhood Because You're Black? Hire A Lawyer Fast

If you live in a subdivision where you are the only family of African American descent or a non-Caucasian race, and you have been questioned as a suspect for a local crime that occurred in the neighborhood, you want to call a civil rights attorney right away. If there are no reasons why you should have been targeted as the main suspect of the crime or why you would be involved and you feel your race made you a target, you deserve legal help. Here is some information you'll want to provide for the attorney.

Your Alibi

Even though you don't feel that the accusations are justified, you want to provide your alibi as to why you couldn't be associated with the crime that took place. With the evidence of your alibi you can put it to rest that you weren't involved with the crime, and that you are being targeted strictly because you are the only African American family in the neighborhood. A solid alibi will discredit any suspicions and accusations and is necessary.

Evidence of Past Discrimination

Do you have proof that this isn't the first time other people in the neighborhood have acted racist? Or proof that the victimized family has discriminated against you or your family in the past? Are there times when they have made racial comments, or passive aggressive statements about your descent? If so, this evidence may show that the family was targeting you, or that they were discriminating against you because of your race.

Information from the Police Interrogation

As soon as the police leave your home, you want to write down everything that you remember from their interrogation. If you were given any business cards or information about the case, and you can remember what questions you were asked, you want to provide your lawyer with this information.

If you know that the only reason you are being questioned and suspected of a crime that took place in your neighborhood is because you are African American, and that the family that is accusing you of the crime has no real reasons to suspect you, you want to get a lawyer right away. As soon as you prove that you are innocent and that there is no way you were involved with the crime, your lawyer will start working to file a civil suit against the family that accused you, and against your local police department. 

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