Essential Tips To Stop Teens From Driving Drunk

Many parents and teens walk in the offices of DUI attorneys each year in the United States. No parent or teenager ever imagines that they will end up faced with possible manslaughter or vehicular homicide charges because of having one too many drinks and getting behind the wheel of a car, but that is a very real possibility if someone dies in an accident caused by a drunk driver.  This sobering fact should be enough to keep a teen from driving drunk, but many young people dismiss reason and think it won't happen to them. Try these tips to stop your teenager from driving drunk.

Tip #1: Practice Tough Love

Be tough when it comes to the rules you set in your home against drinking and driving. There is nothing tender about letting a teenager put their lives at risk on the road by driving drunk, and even if they survive an accident, their future can be destroyed by one stupid mistake. Have a zero-tolerance policy for drunk driving. Set strict rules about drunk driving before your teenager even gets behind the wheel of the car, and don't make any exceptions if the teenager breaks them. Such strict standards may save a life.

Tip #2: Keep a Breathalyzer Test on Hand

Make sure that your teenager knows that you will demand a Breathalyzer test whenever you want. If you suspect that your teenager is drunk when they arrive home from a party, demand that they take the Breathalyzer test then and there. If they fail it, you should set strict repercussions such as temporary loss of their car or all driving privileges. You may also require counseling or support group sessions if you suspect that the teenager has a problem with alcohol that caused them to act so carelessly.

Tip #3: Give Them Guilt-Free Alternatives

Although you may want to set strict rules for your teenager when it comes to drinking, be sure that your teenager has a way out when they get into trouble. If a teenager suspects that they will be in as much trouble if they call you for help when they've been drinking at a party, they are not as likely to do it. Make sure that your teenager knows that they can call you for a ride home at any time of the night if they do get in a situation where they are tempted to drink and drive.  

Finally, keep in mind that it's important to consult a DUI attorney like Jack Weatherill Law Offices if you ever discover that your teenager has been in a drunk driving accident. Although it may not seem like it at the time, there are many considerations and safety precautions that should be taken, so it's important to see the lawyer as soon as possible after the incident.