3 Leading Causes Of Road Accidents And How Lawyers Handle Each Situation

Vehicular crashes rank highly among the leading causes of death. Even so, some drivers demonstrate a lot of laxity on the road, exposing innocent road users to danger. When you get into a collision resulting from the reckless behavior of another driver, you can sue them and demand compensation from their insurer. Typically, you will want to hire an accident lawyer to navigate the legal avenues involved in this process. This article shares some factors that often result in car crashes and how your attorney can handle the situation when you encounter it.

Driving Beyond the Recommended Speed

A driver can over speed for several reasons. For instance, they could be running late for an appointment, hurrying to address an emergency, or simply being impatient. Unfortunately, high speed exposes the driver to a higher risk of causing a car crash. In this case, a car accident lawyer is invaluable in finding compensation for your injuries and vehicle damages. In addition to filing the lawsuit, your lawyer gathers the evidence to prove that the wrongdoer drove beyond the recommended speed limit, thus causing the accident. 

Driving While Drugged and Drunk 

Driving while intoxicated is among the top causes of car crashes. Unfortunately, some drivers feel confident driving even after taking alcohol or drugs. As a result, they make careless mistakes that lead to fatal crashes. The consumption of these intoxicating substances lowers the driver's vision. Additionally, one cannot operate their vehicle effectively, and their judgment is poor, which increases the risk of colliding with other vehicles. 

Taking prescribed medication before driving is not advised either. This is because the medication can tamper with the body's normal functioning. For example, the driver may feel tired, sleepy, or have distorted vision. When faced with an accident of this kind, your attorney can first order a drug test to prove that the at-fault driver was intoxicated. Then, they can take legal measures against them, ensuring that they pay for the offense.

Personal and Roadside Distractions

Distractions while driving can cause death and injuries. They include operating the phone while driving, eating, drinking, playing loud music, or being drawn away by a roadside event. Drivers who multitask while driving raise the risk of accidents because their concentration is compromised. A legal advisor can help you prove that the driver who hit your vehicle was not careful. They may get witnesses to testify in your case and footage from surveillance cameras that may have captured the events.

If you're involved in a car crash caused by a reckless driver, consult a car accident law firm such as AC Thor Injury Law to seek compensation for your damages. Your attorney can represent you through the legal process, ensuring that you get an acceptable compensation.