What To Recover In An Auto Accident Aside From Medical Bills

If you are the victim of an auto accident, chances are that you will suffer from a lot of financial losses as a result. However, your losses go beyond the medical bills that you have to pay. Here is what you can recover in an auto accident when the other driver is at fault for causing your injury.

Lost Wages

One expense that can quickly add up is lost wages as a result of your accident. The problem is that many people don't know what they can actually ask for when it comes to lost wages. If you are a salaried employee, your earnings may not even change at the end of the year because of the time off you took for an injury. However, you don't always need to experience a loss in income to recover lost wages.

You can request damages for the time that you took off that was from sick days or earned PTO. Even though you didn't lose income, those are days that you earned for your own personal use. You shouldn't have to use up PTO or sick days for your injury. Those days can be estimated as what you make on average per day so that you can then take unpaid time off of work if you want to at a later date. 

Durable Medical Goods

Anything that you purchase for your injury is considered a durable medical good. This includes crutches, air casts, wheel chairs, ramps for your home, ice packs, bandages, and things of that nature. Make sure to save the receipts for anything that you purchase because all of these things can be included as durable medical goods. 

Pain and Suffering

The biggest mystery will be to estimate your pain and suffering from a personal injury. Thankfully, this is where a lawyer is really going to help with determining the proper amount to ask for. Pain and suffering is based on a combination of the type of injury you sustained, how it happened, and if you suffered permanent damage as a result of what happened.

Future Expenses 

In addition to all of the costs that you've already incurred, there will come a point where you need to settle your case and estimate all of your future expenses. This means predicting how much you need for future medical care, time off work, durable medical goods, and things of that nature. Your lawyer will help come up with an estimate that is fair and accurate so that you can request what you deserve.

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