Personal Injury Attorney: Club Sports Competitions

If your children are among the 30 million Americans who participate in youth sports, you know the thrill of the game and the agony of defeat. You're probably also familiar bumps, bruises, and injuries. Here's how personal injury attorney can help your family recover from an injury sustained while participating in a club or youth sports program.

Stay on Message

Youth and club sports injuries are tough because they can involve close relationships with coaches, teammates, and friends. These close relationships can cause you to make emotional decisions that aren't always in the best interest of your child.

Lawyer Layer

When you hire a personal injury attorney, they can have conversations that might be impossible or awkward for you to have otherwise. For instance, if your child was injured because a coach made a negligent decision, your personal injury lawyer can speak with them (or their lawyer) directly. Having your personal injury lawyer conduct these discussion will ensure that your interests remain the primary goal. Even though this process can be tough, most disputes involving club and youth sports leagues end up boiling down to insurance policies. Your personal injury lawyer won't mind being the bad guy.

Never Waiver

Youth and club sports leagues utilize waivers to limit their liability for injuries. However, no matter how well these waivers are constructed, they do not grant immunity for cases of negligence.

Weaponized words

Experienced personal injury lawyers can often use the language included in waivers against the very entities attempting to use them as a legal shield. This pertains to language about providing medical supervision and Guardian Ad Litem status for practices and competitions. These provisions necessitate providing a level of care that can be called into question if an injury occurs because of negligence. For instance, if your child suffers a concussion during a practice or competition and the coaching staff does not recognize presenting symptoms and/or seek medical attention promptly, they have failed to perform their legal duty as a Guardian Ad Litem.

The Evidence Game

Convincing an insurance company that it's cheaper to settle than to litigate a personal injury claim is all about building a body of evidence that can't be denied. Your personal injury lawyer will gather every fact, detail, date, and testimony to create a dense legal web that will be almost impossible to untangle. In the case of youth sports leagues, this often involves gathering testimony from other parents and officials.