Workers' Comp Benefits And Job Loss: What Happens Next?

Companies are always looking for ways to weather periods of economic uncertainty. For some companies, reducing the number of employees may be the only viable answer.

Losing a job is always stressful, but job loss can be particularly troubling if you are receiving workers' compensation benefits when you are laid off.

You may be wondering if you will continue to receive your benefits checks after being let go. An experienced attorney will be able to review your unique situation to determine where your benefits stand after you lose your job.

Qualification Timeline

Your qualification timeline will play a role in determining if you will continue receiving workers' compensation benefits after losing your job. Workers' comp benefits are designed to provide financial assistance to individuals injured on the job.

If you sustained a serious injury and were approved for benefits before being laid off, you should continue to receive your benefit checks as scheduled. An attorney will be able to help you assess your qualification timeline to determine your benefits status.

Reason for Job Loss

Another factor that may affect your access to workers' comp benefits after being laid off is the reason for your job loss.

Your previous employer's insurance company is responsible for continuing to pay out workers' comp benefits to eligible employees. If you have lost your job as a result of your employer going out of business, your benefits shouldn't be affected.

Company restructuring or outsourcing that leads to the loss of your job won't affect your access to benefits either.

Your benefits could be terminated if you were fired for disciplinary reasons or code violations. Your attorney will be able to evaluate your unique situation to determine why you lost your job and how this reasoning will affect your workers' comp benefits payouts.

Unlawful Termination

It's important to remember that your employer cannot fire you in retaliation for filing a workers' compensation claim. Doing so is illegal, and you have the ability to pursue legal action against your employer if you suspect you have been unlawfully terminated.

Experienced workers' compensation attorneys are able to research your recent job loss to determine if unlawful action was involved. Evidence proving your employer has fired you without cause can be presented in court.

You can expect your workers' comp benefits to continue throughout the course of your lawsuit. If your benefits stop without notice, your attorney can take action to restore your payouts quickly.

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