He Said, She Said...Oh, No! They Didn't! Insurance Shenanigans Resolved Via Court

Insurance disputes are unbelievably common. There are so many companies that will deny benefits based on criteria that they feel that customers have missed. Shockingly, some companies make glaring mistakes in denying benefits, while others misunderstood the paperwork filed by the customers. Whatever your situation, an insurance dispute attorney can help. The following situations are often the ones most easily resolved through the court system, and many are often resolved without having to go to court at all.

He Said, She Said 

Unless you speak to an agent over the phone and record the conversation, you are likely to find yourself in this particular insurance dispute (when there is a dispute, that is). Essentially, you tried to file a claim over the phone. The agent on the other end claims that your claim, after taking all of the pertinent information is not enough, will not substantiate your claim, and/or that your claim is denied.

You have a somewhat heated argument over the phone until finally you hang up and call a lawyer. The lawyer will want to know what was said, as much as you can remember, and the type of claim you are making for benefits. Unfortunately, if the lawyer representing the insurance company says that the conversation never took place, there is no claim filed on a certain day, and/or that the agent to whom you are referring did not take your call on the day in question, then you will have to help your lawyer disprove statements made by the insurance company and their lawyer. A recorded conversation can really turn the case in your favor. If you do not have that, then get your phone records for that day, as well as a week leading up to that day and a week following it. Your phone records will show when you placed that call.

Oh, No! They DID NOT!

In this situation, the insurance agent claims to have cut you a check and that the check was sent by a certain date. If you did not receive it, they can claim it was not their fault, and they will not cut you a second check. Another problem is their refusal to cut a check at all. They have brought you to the edge, promising an insurance benefits check, and then they denied it. This situation often happens with life insurance policies, since a change in the cause of the death causes a change in the acceptance of your claim. Your lawyer will need to show that either A) you really never received or cashed any check, and/or B) the last-minute change in benefits owed is incorrect.