Three Tips For Motorcyclists To Handle Being Sideswiped By A Driver

One of the fears that you must deal with as a motorcycle is a limited sight for drivers at times. If you are riding directly next to a vehicle, they may not notice you, meaning that they attempt to get over into your lane. Other drivers may think it easier to get around your motorcycle while merging and cause a crash. Getting sideswiped and falling off of your bike can be a scary event, especially if you are on a main road or a major highway. If you do get into an accident where a car sideswipes your bike, here are some procedures that you should follow.

Get on the shoulder as quickly as possible

If you fall off of your bike or if your bike is run into, the first thing that you should do is get over onto the shoulder of the road. Select the shoulder that is closest to you, although getting onto the right-hand shoulder is best if you are on the freeway. This will give you a safe space to check out your bike and determine if you have any injuries. Along with the driver of the other vehicle, change information and call the non-emergency police line if there is any damage at all. 

See a motorcycle accident attorney

If you have been hurt or if your bike has sustained serious damage, this can be a monumental issue. If you have healthcare needs or must recoup the money for your bike, you will need a motorcycle accident attorney. If you elect to bill your insurance, your rates may increase, which will cause long-term financial increases to your budget. In order to hold the other driver responsible for the crash and the injuries sustained, you should get an attorney who understands motorcycle accidents. Since sideswiping is a common way to cause injury to a motorcyclist, a motorcycle accident attorney will be able to provide the necessary information and litigation to get your costs covered. 

Refit your bicycle with extra safety equipment 

If you notice that in your area motorcyclists are being sideswiped easily, it is time to outfit your bike and your riding gear with extra safety measures. If your is difficult to see due to being a black or another neutral color, you may consider wearing a safety vest that will easily call attention to you. If you would rather outfit your bike with the protections, you can add reflectors to your mirrors and to the side of your motorcycle.