What If Immigration Agents Show Up At Your Home?

Even if you are an undocumented immigrant, you have rights. If United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, agents are at your front door, you do not forfeit those rights. If you are living in the country undocumented, here is what you need to know.  

What If ICE Agents Are at Your Door?

If ICE agents knock on your door, you have the right to refuse to open it unless you are shown a warrant. You can ask an agent to slip the warrant under the door for your review. There are three types of warrants that the agents could have, so it is important that you understand the differences between each to avoid making the wrong decision.  

An order of removal or deportation does not give agents the right to enter your home. The agents need your consent to enter. If you do consent to the agents entering, you do not have to answer any questions or volunteer any information to them. The order has to be signed by a judge. If it is not, you do not have to allow the agents into your home. 

A search warrant allows the ICE agents to enter your home and only search the areas that are specifically detailed in the document. If the agents ask about your immigration status, you have to present any documents that you have detailing your status, such as a visa. If you do not have any documentation, do not lie to the agents. Instead, inform the agents that you wish to remain silent. 

It is imperative that you do not sign anything that ICE agents ask you to. Inform the agents that you wish to talk to an immigration attorney before signing any documents or discussing your case.  

What If the Agents Force Their Way Into Your Home?

Unfortunately, there is a small possibility that agents will attempt to force their way into your home. If that happens, do not resist or argue with the agents.  

After being detained by agents, you still have rights. You have the right to ask for an attorney and to make a phone call. You also have the right to have your case heard in court.  

When you speak with your attorney, you can inform him or her that the ICE agents forced their way into your home. The attorney can file a complaint with the court and ask for a formal investigation into the circumstances surrounding your detention.  

If there is a possibility that ICE agents will show up at your home, talk to an attorney as soon as possible. He or she can help you take steps to get the documentation needed to remain in the country. Contact a firm like The Oxford Law Firm to learn more.