What To Do When You Have Been Harmed By A Defective Product

Each year thousands of consumer products get recalled due to defective parts. Some harmful products get taken off of store shelves before consumers have a chance to purchase them. In other instances, people suffer serious injuries, some with fatal consequences, after purchasing and using defective merchandise. If you suffer an injury from a faulty product, take heed of the following tips for making sure the proper authorities find out about the defective item and that you get compensated for any pain and misery you endure.

Document Everything

If you end up filing a personal injury lawsuit because of a defective product, your case will be bolstered by the accuracy of your claim. Consequently, you need to document your entire experience, from the moment of purchase to every type of medical care you receive.

Make sure you take notes on where and when you purchased the merchandise, when you started using the product and what happened to cause your injury.

If possible, save the product and all of its packaging. You should also take photos of the item. Save paperwork from medical treatment you received and documentation of time missed at work due to your injury.

Report the Defective Product

If you purchased a faulty product, chances are there are other damaged items on store shelves. Report the product to the federally-run Consumer Product Safety Commission. The agency provides an online form that consumers can use to submit a report about an unsafe product.

You should also check the federal government's recall database. If a store sold a product knowing it was on the recall list, you can sue them based on product liability laws.

Get Legal Assistance

Even if you believe your injury is minor, you should seek the opinion of a personal injury attorney about whether or not you have the grounds for a lawsuit against a retailer or manufacturer. Lawyers offer free consultations and can also let you know if there are class action lawsuits that you can join that involve others who have suffered as a result of the faulty merchandise.

Bring all of your documentation to your consultation. It can help your lawyer and a court determine if the product had a design flaw or if there was a problem during the manufacturing phase.

Regardless of the cause of the defect, you have every right to sue because when you purchased the item you expected it to be safe to use.