Runners Stay Safe From Cars While Running This Fall

With the approach of fall, rainy weather and early sunset can put many runners at risk for potential accidents with cars. If you're a runner seeking ways to stay safe on the roads this fall, these tips will help you keep up your running schedule while avoiding accidents involving cars.

Change Your Running Schedule or Invest In Reflective Gear

Daylight saving time ends on Sunday, November 1 this year, and on that day, the sunset will occur one hour earlier. Research shows that more deadly car accidents--particularly accidents involving pedestrians--occur in the days after daylight savings time makes its change. The change to daylight savings time means that many people who run after work will be difficult for drivers to see. In addition, some sensitive drivers may have their sleep patterns disrupted in the first few weeks after daylight savings ends, and that can make safe driving more difficult.

The best way you can protect yourself from accidents at this dangerous time is to alter your running habits and run in daylight. If possible, run over your lunch hour or before going to work.

If you must run at night or at dusk, invest in reflective clothing. To get the most protection, purchase the following:

  • Running shoes with reflective strips along the sides of the feet.
  • A reflective vest that fits over your shirt, or a shirt with reflective strips on the chest, back and arms.
  • Reflective running pants.
  • Reflective headband.

The more reflective clothing you wear during your run, the more likely it is that the headlights of oncoming traffic will shine back at oncoming drivers and they'll be able to identify you as a runner.

Run in Parks When Road Visibility is Low

When the road conditions are foggy or rainy, it's best to stay away from areas where cars are driving. Large urban parks can provide miles of trails for runners. Find a route through a park that will allow you to safely run several miles. If running in an isolated area, like on trails through a wooded park, bring a running buddy with you to help ensure your safety.

Find an Indoor Track

Roads may become icy toward the end of the fall, and that can cause accidents between drivers and pedestrians. When the roads become too dangerous to run on, find an indoor track where you can run in comfort.

Hopefully these tips will help you stay safe. However, if you are involved in an accident with a car while running this fall, contact an accident attorney, such as Littman & Babiarz Law Office, for help. Accident attorneys can ensure that you get the compensation you need as you recover from your injury.