Which Injury Support Services Are Best For Veterans?

Whether you're suffering from a new injury, dealing with an old injury or confused by a condition becoming more complex, you need to keep the future in mind. What would you do if you weren't able to work to maintain your way of living? What if you could work by certain definitions of law but can't physically handle a full work schedule? There are multiple services available to veterans to help during such uncertain times, so take the time to understand your options.

Social Security Has Limited Assistance

The Social Security Administration's disability program exists to support people with debilitating conditions that stop or impede their ability to make a meaningful income. The system provides compensation based on a variety of factors ranging from the severity of your condition and your ability to continue working.

One common misconception is that you can't work while on social security. This is incorrect in many cases, as it depends on how much money you're able to earn. Although there are other factors that affect your compensation payments, you're able to work while receiving a reduced amount of money to cover the amount of time you're unable to work.

If you're making too much money, you won't receive any money. It's important to have a social security attorney on your side for such situations, as some scenarios can be complicated. You may make more than your allowed amount in one month, which may disqualify you for social security benefits. The next month may bring in less money because of your condition, but if you're disqualified, it can be difficult to be approved again.

An attorney can help by supporting your unique situation from the beginning. By spelling out the situation in legal documentation and arranging a flexible compensation schedule that pays you when you need it, but keeps you in the system when you don't, you can rely on the monetary support for those months that you absolutely can't work.

Veterans Affairs Disability Benefits Qualification

As a veteran, you may qualify for benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (known as the VA). There are many benefits ranging from medical support to education programs, but there is a disability system that can rival social security.

The VA disability program grants monetary support based on your condition's severity as well, but is not affected by whether you're working or not. Fraudulent cases will of course be prosecuted if discovered, but the philosophy behind the VA compensation is different.

If you were injured or afflicted in any capacity that could affect your abilities--even if they aren't completely disabling--you're compensated for that damage because of the sacrifices made for your country. The VA disability program and social security match up in coverage when a veteran is rated as 100% disabled, as listed in the VA's frequently asked questions (FAQ) list.

The VA won't pay you for just any type of condition. You condition must be service-connected, which means you must have been afflicted during your military service. Pre-existing conditions that became worse or different because of military service can also be considered on a case-by-case basis.

A social security attorney can assist in VA disability cases as well if given enough relevant information. For more information, contact Todd East Attorney at Law or a similar legal professional.