What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Why You Need A Real Estate Lawyer When Buying A House.

You are purchasing a home and you are super excited.  You have a lot to do.  This is a hectic time.  You may think you are ready to buy.  Don't take that step without hiring a real estate lawyer, like Jan E. Beran Attorney at Law.  Buying a home is very likely the most money you will ever spend on any one thing.  It's important that this process go as smoothly as possible.  

The seller of the home has the real estate agent on their side, you will have no one with your best interest at heart if you don't hire a lawyer that specialized in real estate law.  You may feel that everything is in order and you'll soon own the perfect home, but the following three issues below could not only trip you up, but they could also make your dream of home ownership a nightmare.  Below are three things that could go wrong:

1.   You get a bad deal.

Negotiations on the selling price, down payment, what is included and even the date of the closing are all important issues to consider before you enter into the contract.  You may not even think about why the closing date is important, but it can make several thousand dollars worth of difference in what you end up paying for a mortgage..

 2.  The standard pre-printed sales contract doesn't cover everything. 

The sales contract is the single most important piece of paper in the process for your home purchase.  Many realtors use a standard form and simply fill in the blanks.  The problem is that standard forms seldom address any unique issues that may pop up.  What happens, for instance, if a home inspector finds hidden damage, pests or additions that were not properly permitted?

3.    Mortgages are complicated.

You will most likely need to arrange for a mortgage loan for your new home.  A real estate lawyer can help you with all aspects of financing including what type of mortgage to apply for.  The sheer number of choices in types of loans can be overwhelming.  You will need someone to help explain in layman's terms exactly what you are getting yourself into.

As you can see from the above issues, home buying is a lot more complicated than you may have realized.  The advice of a competent and experienced real estate attorney is well worth the time and money.  This is an awesome moment to become a home owner.  Make sure you are well prepared to make your dreams come true.